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(Dis)Service in the Digital Age

I’m a frustrated and disappointed consumer this week. 

I had hoped that the installation of Sky Multiscreen would migrate my ever-growing children to their playroom so that my wife and I could reclaim our TV and the lounge.

I was also looking forward to super-fast broadband speeds with Virgin Media cable as our current wireless is poor as BT, incredibly, don’t offer Infinity to our road in Finchley.  

Continuing on the subject of speed, I got up at 6am today to have the first in a handful of swimming lessons, designed to improve my lap times. 

The common theme to all of these? None of them happened – and I’ve had to endure a succession of terrible excuses and repeated no-shows since. 

The first Sky engineer wouldn’t climb our roof. Too high, according to him. But at least he said something – the second cancelled without a word, while the final one left our house with a broken TV and cut wiring, then disappeared when we weren’t looking. 

Their customer service was equally hopeless and the agent even put the phone down on me. 

Not that they were alone in struggling to deal with the wildlands of North London: Virgin couldn’t install the cable due to a tree blocking the path. Pathetic.

And with my temperature rising I’ve not even been able to cool off in the pool! The swimming teacher never showed and hasn’t called to apologise.

Contrast this catalogue of uselessness with Uber: on time, cost-effective, always ready and reliable. With Spotify: just when you think it can’t get better, they upgrade and the utility improves again. With Dropbox: simple and free. With Waze: who needs to read maps anymore?

Our service expectations have never been higher as we receive affordable, on-demand digital services that improve our lives. 

So, Mr Sky, why, when my family spends almost £1,000 per year with you, can you not send the right engineer on the right day, or at least have the decency to communicate properly?  

Unfortunately, our digital services depend on the BTs, Skys and Virgins of this world – imagine how much better our digital lives would be if they got their acts together? 

Out with the old… in with the new… bring on the digitals!